Human Resource

We manage our company's human capital in a way to meet the established business objectives. We work on attracting and retaining talent to guarantee the interests and well-being of employees.


At Groupe Veritas, people always come first because we recognize that a business can achieve its full potential only by investing wisely in human resources. Each member of the GV family is given ample opportunity and time to develop and improve their skills in their respective spheres, thus magnifying the organization's performance along with their own. By valuing our people, we create a business culture that is conducive, resulting in a harmonious working environment geared towards developing and instilling values which cherish not only our organization but also our partners.


At Veritas, we have a better understanding of the structure of a human resources department and similarly work towards reorganizing the team. We not only focus on recruiting but also believe in guiding the employees. The HR department ensures the strategic management of the work culture and environment of the company.


We have carefully crafted our HR and employee policies, keeping in mind the long-term welfare of our employees.